A combination between experience and flexibility

Coils S.r.l. was established in February 2000 thanks to the thirty-year gained experience in electromechanical and electronic sectors by its founding members.

The initial mission was the creation a structure capable of producing winding components, using the most advanced methods and the best materials, to meet market’s economic and qualitative requirements.

The combination between experience and flexibility typical of a young growing company, has allowed us to mantain a direct relationship with our customers and to assist them in new products’ design or in the engineering of existing ones.

Today COILS represents a reality able to satisfy its customers’ demands based on specific activities:

  • Products analysis
  • Materials’ research and identification
  • Prototyping
  • Analysis of product’s criticalities and recognition of activities to control and to test them
  • Process analysis and industrialization of some production phases

We produce all kind of coils since 20 years and during this long time we gained a sound market share in different fields: automotive, home automation, electromedical, electronics, railway, lighting, telecommunications, textile.

Coils Azienda

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