Production activity in COILS is divided into three main areas:

Coils, Micro Coils

Actuators, coils for printheads, coils for filters, electro-injectors, solenoid valves, electromagnets, sensors, stators

Transformers, Toroids

HF transformers, HV transformers, Low Frequency, Current transformers

Air coils – Self Bonding Wire

Air, resistive, oven cementation. Copper wire from 0.01 mm to 2.00 mm

Core of the Company.

People, methods and technologies of different areas caracterize the specifity of our productions.

We have machines for small series production, but also machineries for big productions: this variety represents the strategic and technological core of our Company.

Coils is appreciated for the level of technology and automation of its processes. During the last years we have undertaken an important automation activity: today more than 70% of production processes for air coils are automated, from winding to wire tinning, to the direct unloading of the product inside specific packaging.

We started a collaboration with Politecnico of Torino and many other research entities as partner, especially during phases of research and innovation of products and processes. Coils is also member of MESAP.

Coils Produzione

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