The application of “quality” Concept

The exact definition of quality has changed a lot during the past:

  • Joseph M. Juran “Suitable for use”
  • Kuehn & Day 1962 “In the final analysis of the market, the quality of a product depends on how well it matches the patterns of consumer preferences”
  • Gilmore 1974 “Quality i show much a specific product meets the needs of a specific consumer”
  • Crosby 1979 “Quality means compliance with requirements”
  • Broh 1982 “Quality is the degree of axcellence at an acceptable price and the control of variabilità at an acceptable cost”
  • Price 1985 “Doing the right things the first time”
  • ISO 9000 standard of 2000 (Fundamentals and Terminology) “Quality: capacity of a set of characteristics inherent to a product, system or process to comply with the requirements of customers and other interested parties”
  • ISO 9000 standard of 2005 (Fundamentals and Terminology) “Quality: degree in which a set of intrinsic characteristics satisfy the requirements”

Our concept of quality lies in our products’ characteristics, in their performances and their suitability; this is the reason why we always study the product very carefully together with its critical aspects and its characteristics before producing it or before starting to define all the production processes.

COILS Quality Management System complies with EN UNI ISO 9001: 2015 Standard

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